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Villa Living

A major part of our business is developing and building premier Villa communities throughout Fort Wayne. We offer comfortable, attractive villa homes that are affordable, with superior quality. This equals Value.

What separates us from others? We are not price driven. We are focused on giving you the highest possible value.

What is a Villa?

Villas are single family homes where the outside yard work is taken care of by the association.

Villa lifestyle is designed for individuals who live a busy, active life, so don’t have time for yard work. It is also for individuals who desire to have a leisurely serene life style, and don’t want to bother with yard work. If you happen to be one of these people, then while you are busy doing your thing, the association is mowing your lawn, fertilizing the yard and pruning the bushes. And when it’s time for the Florida sun or mountain skiing, the villa association will be blowing the snow from your driveway and shoveling the walkway.

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